Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The most important thing I learned is how vast the web 2.0 technologies are and how quickly they change and evolve. Thus, we must constantly be updating our knowledge so we keep several steps ahead of our users.

The most challenging thing I experienced was getting started on the whole project. Thinking it would be quite difficult and time consuming, I kept procrastinating. Once I got started however, it turned out to be a fun challenge! The next challenge was finding the time to complete it due to work demands.

PVLD can use these technologies to deliver or improve library services by having an "interactive" presence on the web in addition to free web publicity. Now that we are web 2.0 savvy, we can empower our users to learn and create their own web 2.0 technologies!

It was successful because it forced me to find the answers on the web and it gave me practice in using these applications. Yes, this is a useful way to encourage staff development. When I got stuck on a certain aspect, I was able to ask colleagues for some guidance and in turn was able to assist less knowledgeable staff members when they needed help. I've always wanted to be more knowledgeable about these technologies, but there never seemed to be enough time.... So having to do this project challenged me to make the time. The experience was fun and the prize was a good incentive. I feel more like a techie now!!

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